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Lower Emissions Allowance (LEA)

Author: A Smith

With immediate effect the BMW Group will introduce a Lower Emissions Allowance (LEA), offering a support payment of £2,000 including VAT for any EU4 or below Diesel trade in from any manufacturer, when one of the following BMW Group vehicles is subsequently purchased.

•BMW i3 or i8.


•BMW or MINI at 130g/km or less.

This support will be in addition to all current retail tactical support and uknewcars discount for both BMW and MINI. The full terms and conditions of this offer can be found on the appendix to this communication along with the process to identify an EU4 or below vehicle.

BMW Group Lower Emissions Allowance (LEA)

From 9 August 2017, BMW Group launched a Lower Emissions Allowance, which is a support payment of £2,000 including VAT against any Euro Standard 4 or below Diesel vehicle traded in against a BMW Group product.

As this is a retail only offer, this allowance will be in addition to the retail tactical campaigns for both brands. The allowance is not be dependent on the customer taking finance through BMW or MINI Financial Services.

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